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Jewelry That Will Reveal Your Inner Earth Goddess

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Sailing the Baltic Sea with amberbeata we come upon the enigmatic domain of Earth’s Art collection, where the sea spirit appears immersed in glittering amber, mysterious lapis lazuli, shells, ceramic, individually hand-created sterling silver cubes and more.’


Bold Cognac Amber set in Circle Patterned Sterling Silver and Gold Field Bracelet

Butterscotch Amber with Honey Color Crystallizations set in Sterling Silver Ring

Unique Cherry Amber and Peridot Beads

Cognac Amber Earrings Set in Hammered Oxidized Sterling Silver

“Earth Crust” Butterscotch Amber set in Sterling Silver Pendant

Uniquely Arranged Variety of Amber and Other Beads Necklace

Large Rough Cut with Varying Shape Butterscotch Amber Ring

Medium to Dark Cognac Amber with Multiple Inclusions Stretchy Bangle Bracelet

For more one-of-a-kind jewelry that will reveal your inner Earth goddess, you are invited to browse the breathtaking Earth’s Art Collection.