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Stunning Sun Flower Bangle Bracelet

Posted in amber jewelry with tags , , , on June 25, 2010 by amberbeata

Have you noticed how the majestic beauty of the tall and bright Sun Flower stands out in a field full of other flowers or in a simple bouquet? Even in paintings the Sun Flower stands out from everything else in the background.

Just like that, our stunning Sun Flower Bangle Bracelet, masterfully gold plated, hammered in oxidized Sterling Silver, on its own a unique work of art, will make you stand out from the crowd any time you put it on. Observe how each uniquely and carefully handcrafted silver leaf adds a touch of wilderness and elegance. The cloudy butterscotch, centered amber stone impregnates the overall luxurious appearance of this masterpiece with a beauty and lively glow that only amber can bring out.

Stunning Sun Flower BraceletStunning Sun Flower BraceletStunning Sun Flower BraceletStunning Sun Flower Bracelet

The uniqueness of the centered amber stone and the astounding design has earned this magnificent jewelry creation a well deserved place among the exuberant One of a Kind Collection Pieces. The stunning Sun Flower Bangle Bracelet beautifully complements another unique jewelry piece, our exquisite Sun Flower Pendant.

Exclusively designed for amberbeata , the beautiful Sun Flower Bangle Bracelet can be owned by only One person. Wouldn’t you love to be the lucky owner of this unique bangle bracelet? Wait no more and enjoy the luxury and incredible beauty of one of a kind amber jewelry!


Gorgeous Bracelets – A Polish Amber Exhibition Award Winner!

Posted in amber jewelry with tags , , , on June 5, 2010 by amberbeata

This summer you don’t need to buy an entire new wardrobe or get a new look – all you need is truly statement-making jewelry that will get you noticed even iGorgeous Butterscotch Bracelet Award Winnern the crowdiest places! And since you will be wearing lots of short sleeved shirts and dresses, there’s nothing better than dressing up your wrists and upper arms with a remarkable, Polish Amber Exhibition award winning statement bracelet.

One of the most gorgeous bracelets we’ve ever laid our eyes on, this amber jewelry piece was created by a great artist, the late Wojtek Wasilewski. Everything is perfect about this creation: form, color and balance. Thanks to his unique technique, the designer created a one-of-a-kind adjustable bracelet with a one-of-a-kind design. The bracelet’s eye-catching amber centerpiece has various shades of butterscotch, while the cuff is entirely made out of sterling silver that was gold plated and oxidized.

This oversized, sterling silver and amber bracelet is ideal to wear as a statement piece. Equally suitable for pairing perfectly with a blazer top for office look or loose summery dresses for a more casual wear, our award winning piece is truly a worthy investment. Dare to standout with the ultimate signature piece – you know you want to!