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Jewelry of The Week: Amber Elegance

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This week, we focused entirely on presenting you with simple, elegant jewelry pieces you can wear from morning ’till evening without worrying about looks.

We believe that the perfect piece of jewelry should be simple and tasteful, with a touch of glam and elegance, the perfect combination! That being said, we present you with three beautiful amber creations, especially designed for the smart and sophisticated woman who loves looking fabulous from morning to evening!

*Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver Studs Earrings , $17.oo

**Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver Link Bracelet, $82.00

***Stainless steel Baltic Sea amber watch, $49.00

Remember: elegant, timeless pieces are always in fashion!


Jewelry of The Week: Brazilian Crystals,Colorful Amber and Sterling Silver

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Friday Round-Up!

Last week’s Friday round-up post presented you with a few pieces from our latest collections website so for this week we decide to switch things up a bit and feature only creations from the website.  Here are the jewelry pieces of the week, just as we presented them on our Facebook and Twitter accounts!

* Brazilian Crystals Collection : Brazilian Crystals are known not only for their magnificent beauty but also for their power to bring emotional, physical and mental stability. The combination of amber and crystals results in beautiful jewelry creations and it is also believed to stimulate body’s healing, both physical and mental, and to help release negative energy and attract positive one.

For our exclusive amber and crystal jewelry collection we have used Phantom Crystals and Lemurian Crystals, both brought from Brazil. In combination with amber, these can be very powerful and effective healers.

**Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Pendant

*** Elegant cognac amber and sterling silver bracelet

**** Beautiful cognac-cherry-lemon amber and sterling silver ring. Handmade in Poland.

Which of this week’s featured creations deserves the “Jewelry of the Week” title? Choose your favorite!

Jewelry of The Week: Amber, Turquoise and Aquamarine

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Friday Round-Up! We present you with this week’s most sensuous and stylish jewelry pieces featured on our new website, AMBERBEATA COLLECTIONS.

* Butterscotch Unique Amber Bracelet Set in Oxidized Sterling Silver: Lavishly adorn yourself with this eye-catching cuff bracelet hammered in oxidized sterling silver and holding a gorgeous amber stone at the center. Distinguished shades of butter scotch, ranging from marble white to deep yellow, beautifully capture and reflect the light at every move.  – EDI-BETI Collection

**Tear Drop Shaped Turquoises Bracelet Set in Oxidized Sterling Silver: For the elegant woman with refined tastes looking for jewelry that goes beyond trends and fashion. – Nature Beauty Collection

***Carved Butterscotch Rose in Amber and Aquamarine Beaded Necklace : For the romantic woman who appreciates fine art and feminine pieces. – Earth’s Art Collection

For a view of the entire collections, click here.

Hope you have enjoyed our Friday round-up featuring the week’s featured jewelry pieces.

Happy weekend!

New Website Launch: AmberBeata Collections

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We are very happy to announce the launch of AmberBeata Collections , a website dedicated entirely to the lovers of amber’s unparalleled beauty, femininity and glamour. We invite to a world of splendor, exquisite quality, lightness and charm!

The seven Collections will captivate your eyes and soul:

Edi Beti, a magnificent combination of our taste for magic and jewelry excellences;

Nature of Pearls, a world where amber jewels are paired with breathtaking pearls of exquisite beauty and quality;

Earth’s Art, the enigmatic domain of glittering amber, mysterious lapis lazuli, shells, ceramic, individually hand-created sterling silver cubes and more awaits for you to explore its treasures;

Simple Elegance, unique display of craftsmanship and perfectly sculpted jewelry;

Nature Beauty, one-of-a-kind combination of amber, pearls, lapis lazuli, turquoise and other natural stones;

Golden Drop, a sensuous showcase of simple elegance combined with dynamic creativity;

Ancient Spirit, texture and touches of antiquity-lapis lazuli, onyx, coral and other beautiful stones.

Discover the enticing treasures of Amber and the millions of years of history which are captured in each stone!

With love,