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Healing Power of Amber and Crystals

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The remarkable and worldwide known healing power of amber and crystals can be found in the ancient Mayan and Hebrew civilizations. Dating millions of years back, the practice of using stones and crystals, together or separately, as decorative jewelry, amulets or for healing purposes is extremely popular across the world nowadays too.

The beauty, protection and healing properties of Baltic amber was highly valued by Ancient Germanic tribes such as the Goths, Celts, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Chinese. Thanks to its amazing electrical properties – heating amber will soften it and eventually it will burn or the fact that the stone stores static electricity, and bright golden color, Amber was also known as Elektron by the Greeks, Bernstein by the Germans and Northern Gold or Tears of Baltic.  Some civilizations were calling amber the “vessel of eternal youth” because the stone was often found containing small insects or small parts of plants.

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The healing powers of Amber are truly amazing. This petrified tree resin has gone through millions of changes over the years until it has metamorphosed into the exceptionally beautiful gem with extraordinary properties it is today:

• Thanks to its cleansing and purifying properties Amber has positive influence on the entire organism. It is recommended to place Amber over any area of the body that is imbalanced or in pain.

• Its electro magnetic properties help fight depression and fatigue.

• Amber is often used to draw disease away from the body

• It is known to absorb negative energy from the body and help the body heal itself. It has been observed that after being used in such purposes, the stone turns into a slightly darker color, becoming dull and clouded so it needs cleansing regularly in order to ensure its healing potency and prevent the distribution of negative energy.