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Unique Jewelry for New Year’s Eve: Amber,Pearls and Brazilian Crystals

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The night we’ve been waiting for all year long: New Year’s Eve, a time to sparkle and look the best you have in all year long. We like to say that for New Year’s Eve, it’s all about statement accessories, about being as artful as you can. How to achieve that look? We present you with 5 fabulous ways to shine bright on the biggest night of the year!

1. When it comes to accessorizing your outfit, it is best that you choose a theme and stick with it. Like this fabulous set of amber set in sterling silver jewelry:

More from the fabulous edi-beti collection here.

2. No other stone can outshine the beauty of the pearls. Achieve a vintage look with a moder twist with the following Mabe Pearls creations:

3. Make a statement with the jewelry you’re wearing! Only one recommendation: that you keep the rest of the outfit simple.

4. For the modern, sophisticated woman who appreciates simple elegance and craftsmanship, the following pieces are a must have on New Year’s Eve:

5. Brazilian crystals are believed to bring physical, emotional and mental stability. Exactly how you need to feel on the biggest night of the year!

We hope you have enjoyed our New Year’s Eve jewelry recommendations and invite you to browse the entire collections  for more one-of-a-kind amberbeata creations. With code FRIEND you benefit from 10% discount on your purchase!

We’d love to read your comments on New Year’s Eve jewelry!


The Perfect Holiday Gift: Unique Butterscotch Amber Jewelry

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The Holiday Season is upon us! This is the time to be cheerful, visit friends and family, give and receive beautiful gifts, but also a time to party and celebrate. We all love Christmas and New Year parties, but for us ladies finding the perfect jewelry to go with our holiday party dress can be daunting. This is a special time of the year when every woman wants to feel and look ravishing.

The lovely Patrycja shares her secret to looking gorgeous for a holiday party: a stylish holiday dress paired with one of a kind amber jewelry: stunning amber and South Sea pearls earrings, statement butterscotch amber set in sterling silver bracelet and one fabulous butterscotch amber cocktail ring. She also offers valuable advice on how to wear statement jewelry:

I’ve been wearing Amberbeata’s jewelry for over seven years and I must say she’s the destination for anyone wanting to wear statement pieces. She has an amazing style and taste and it’s reflected in her designs and collections. Lately I had a gorgeous set of butter scotch bracelet and earrings on with a white winter dress and it was a hit on a holiday party. Everyone was complimenting me and asking where I got it. These are one of a kind pieces and I’m honored to promote her line; I would recommend it for anyone looking for something special. It’s easy to pair it up with the perfect outfit as long as it’s something simple since unique jewelry doesn’t like distractions.”

As Patrycja puts it: looking fabulous and feeling confident is easy. Even though Patrycja paired her amber jewelry set with a chic white holiday party dress, you can wear amber with a variety of colors and fabrics. A little black dress can be beautifully dressed up with bright amber jewelry, while a red number would be perfectly complimented by the captivating amber creations.

Choose your holiday party dress, then lavishly adorn yourself with one-of-a-kind, exquisite jewelry. The sensuous butterscotch amber and the eye-catching design will capture the attention and admiration at every party you attend. Nothing can make a woman feel more special than unique amber jewelry!

Happy Holidays!

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Thank you for reading the amberbeata blog and for visiting the amberbeata website. Hope you have enjoyed our blog posts and articles and most of all, that you have discovered the unparalleled beauty and warmth of amber through the wonderful amberbeata creations!

A little gift for you: Save 10% on your purchase with code FRIEND at

Enjoy the Holidays!


Best Christmas Gifts under $50!

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Eleven days left until Christmas and you still haven’t found the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Do  not panic, we have the best Christmas gifts you can gift your friends and family this holiday season, all under $50! Bonus: you benefit from 10% DISCOUNT with code FRIEND!

First, we present you with the best Christmas gift for mommies and teething babies, Amber Teething Necklaces at $13.45 a piece! Amber teething necklaces work as a natural analgesic thanks to the natural anti-inflammatory, healing and pain relieving properties of Baltic amber. No need to resort to drugs and medications. Wearing Baltic amber teething necklaces close to the skin will help reduce your baby’s pain and discomfort caused by the teething process. Choose your favorite : Butterscotch, Honey or Multicolor.

Watches make beautiful Christmas gifts. We have a lovely selection of elegant stainless steel Baltic Sea amber watches, at only $49.

Lavishly adorn the woman in your life with romantic amber jewelry: Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver Studs Earrings $17.00, Green Amber and Sterling Silver Earrings $35.00, Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Earrings $46.00, Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Pendant $38.00, Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver Pendant $43, Green Amber and Sterling Silver Pendant $38.00.

A good book always makes a wonderful gift. If you want to make a thoughtful gift or just increase you book collection, we warmly recommend The Great Book of Amber and The SF 411, both make a fascinating reading and worthy ornaments for the coffee table.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Amber Trend: Fresh Water Pearls Necklace with Amber Cross Pendant

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Today we invite you to rediscover the magnificent beauty and elegance of Baltic Amber, the world’s finest, and fresh water pearls in this unique necklace. Lovers of luxuriant, one-of-a-kind creations will be mesmerized by the beauty of this fascinating piece of jewelry.

Showcasing a stunning cross design, the pendant is highlighted by radiant cognac amber. For plus of elegance, the dazzling pendant is imbued in sterling silver. An elegant fresh water pearls necklace completes the beauty of this statement piece of jewelry. The sterling silver clasp mustn’t go unnoticed either. It amazes with the out of this world design and delicate detailing.

Excellent as a gif for yourself or your loved ones, this luscious amber cross necklace makes a powerful impression and adds that glamorous touch to your outfits no matter the event or occasion it’s being wore.  Our recommendation: such a stunning piece must be dressed up for evenings out and special events. The feminine necklace goes well with other simple, minimalist jewelry such as silver bracelets and classic earrings. As for the outfits that best accentuate the beauty of this large cross pendant, we suggest classic tailored suits for day time and a sexy little black dress or a long, flowing gown for evening wear.

Create your own amber cross necklace! Amber Cross Necklaces are more than just a popular trend; they are a way to express not only your faith but also your love for the warmth and beauty of a piece of the world’s history. amberbeata offers the possibility to create your own amber cross necklace!

You can purchase your favorite amber cross and personalize your own necklace to love and wear at all times!

Don’t just dream of it, experience the thrill and fascination of owning a timeless amber creation!

Christmas Gifts Guide: Amber Lust

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Christmas Gifts for Her: This Christmas, celebrate the woman in your life with warm, romantic amber jewelry! For details and price, simply hold the mouse over your favorite amber jewelry image or click on the picture. Remember: 10% discount for all amber jewelry with code FRIEND

Christmas Gifts for Him: Here’s a wonderful selection of Christmas gifts for you husband, father and business partner. We have something for everyone, from corporate accessories like amber and sterling silver letter opener and business card holder to elegant amber cufflinks. Click on the thumbnail you like for more details and don’t forget that you can purchase any amberbeata creation and benefit from a 10% discount with code FRIEND

Books: A good book always makes a wonderful gift. If you want to make a thoughtful gift or just increase you book collection, we warmly recommend The Great Book of Amber and The SF 411, both make a fascinating reading and worthy ornaments for the coffee table. As for the jewelry, you benefit from 10% off with code FRIEND

Hope you have enjoyed our amber Christmas gifts guide! What gifts are you lusting for this holiday season?

The SF 411

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November 10 2010 marks the launch date of “The SF 411” by Judy Sobel, Brooke Sobel Schell and Suzy Stolowitz.  “The SF 411” is a very special book created to provide Bay Area locals and tourists as well, with extremely accurate and useful information regarding a multitude of services ranging from sightseeing opportunities and best shopping places in San Francisco to the finest restaurants and many more.

411 is San Francisco’s telephone number for local directory assistance which explains the title choice: “The SF 411”.

The book release party took place at the legendary Gump’s, San Francisco’s most elegant destination for luxury gifts, jewelry, art objects and home decor. GUMP’s cocktail party was a hit among participants and we are happy to announce that “The SF 411” was very well received by the audience.

With its elegant black thick covers, beautiful high-quality pictures and such great information, the book makes a wonderful gift for friends and family especially now that the holiday season has begun! “The SF 411” (71/4 X 7 1/4 inch) is not only a fascinating reading but also makes a worthy ornament for any coffee table.

We warmly recommend the book to everyone, not just Bay Area locals, but also tourists and visitors. You’ll find everything you need to know about the following categories:

–          Shopping places

–          Beauty- Health- Spa

–          Baby and Kids

–          Specialty Food

–          Restaurants

–          Services

Last but not least, we are very proud to announce that amberbeata is featured in the Shopping category, on page 20 of the book.

“The SF 411” can be purchased online directly from and it can also be found in our store. Price of the book is $35.00, and with code FRIEND you benefit from a 10 % discount.  For more info please contact us by e-mail:

Enjoy “The SF 411”!