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Early Valentine’s Day Jewelry Shopping at 15% Off

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Dear jewelry lovers,

This is a reminder that our special online sale will be ending tomorrow, January 12, 2012.

For those of you who want to own a unique and exquisite AmberBeata jewelry piece or want to do a little Valentine’s Day shopping ahead of time, all while benefiting from a 15% discount with code WDT, you are invited to browse the catalog and our collections website and select your favorites.

Remember, the sale ends on January 12, 2012 so hurry up and shop!

Show your love:

Cognac-Butterscotch Amber and Sterling Silver Heart-Shaped Pendant from

Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Earrings $46.00 from

Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Ring $68.00 from

Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Link Bracelet $132.00 from

Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Earrings $57.00 from

Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Pendant $39.00 from

For more heart-shaped jewelry pieces click here.

Remember! Use code WDT at checkout to get 15% OFF your order.




Christmas Gifts For Her: Colorful Amber Rings

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There is one Christmas gift that every woman never gets enough of and that is jewelry.

If you want to surprise the lovely women in your life or want to give yourself a wonderful Christmas gift this year we suggest shopping for colorful amber rings. The warmth and the light of amber makes this exquisite pieces true works of art. The designs are modern and statement making which makes them the perfect jewelry pieces for every woman who loves cocktail rings.

Cognac-Cherry-Lemon Amber and Sterling Silver Ring At only $64.00 this three colors ring is perfect for every occasion. From your mother to your wife and sister, every woman in your life will want one!

Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver Ring ($80.00) This rings features the perfect cognac amber stone. The rich, attention-grabbing and oh-so feminine reddish shade of cognac is perfect for the modern woman who loves making a statement with the jewelry she wears.

Cognac-Green Amber and Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring ($68.00) Speaking of statement jewelry, here is another magnificent piece from our catalog. This two-toned statement ring will make the perfect Christmas gift for the sophisticated woman with impeccable taste in jewelry.

Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring ($60.00) Simple elegance always prevails and this gorgeous rings shows just that. Such a beautiful jewelry piece at an exceptional price!

Green Amber and Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring ($80.00) If you love green amber, this is the jewelry piece for you. With its elegant design and breathtaking green amber stone, this will be the ring all your friends will want to borrow! But it will be yours only.

Butterscotch Amber and Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring ($80.00) Can you resist this lovely butterscotch ring? We know we can’t!

For more equally beautiful and captivating amber rings at great prices please visit our online store. There you will find amazing jewelry designs as well as wonderful gifts for your loved ones.

This Christmas give your dearest and nearest gifts to remember!

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Jewelry That Will Reveal Your Inner Earth Goddess

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Sailing the Baltic Sea with amberbeata we come upon the enigmatic domain of Earth’s Art collection, where the sea spirit appears immersed in glittering amber, mysterious lapis lazuli, shells, ceramic, individually hand-created sterling silver cubes and more.’


Bold Cognac Amber set in Circle Patterned Sterling Silver and Gold Field Bracelet

Butterscotch Amber with Honey Color Crystallizations set in Sterling Silver Ring

Unique Cherry Amber and Peridot Beads

Cognac Amber Earrings Set in Hammered Oxidized Sterling Silver

“Earth Crust” Butterscotch Amber set in Sterling Silver Pendant

Uniquely Arranged Variety of Amber and Other Beads Necklace

Large Rough Cut with Varying Shape Butterscotch Amber Ring

Medium to Dark Cognac Amber with Multiple Inclusions Stretchy Bangle Bracelet

For more one-of-a-kind jewelry that will reveal your inner Earth goddess, you are invited to browse the breathtaking Earth’s Art Collection.

Summer Jewelry Trend: Statement Rings

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Summer is well under way and as we adjust our wardrobes to the new season, we inevitably have to adjust our jewelry boxes.

For the summer of 2011 we suggest adorning yourself with gorgeous statement jewelry. We know that wearing statement jewelry is not for everyone but we’re also sure that every woman loves to treat herself with lavish jewelry pieces and the most affordable and wearable statement jewelry are giant rings.

Adorn your hands with a fabulous statement rings from our amberbeata collections:

In the photos: Cognac-Green Amber and Sterling Silver Ring ($107.00), Cognac-Cherry-Lemon Amber Ring ($64.00), Cognac Amber Heart-Shaped Ring ($68.00), Cherry Amber Ring ($84.00), Green Amber Adjustable Ring($80.00), Cognac Amber Adjustable Ring ($84.00), Butterscotch Amber Ring ($68.00) and Cognac-Green Amber Adjustable Ring ($68.00)

The Color of Amber

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Ever wondered how many color variations of amber are there? We are happy to inform you that there are close to 250 color variations of amber!

In our collections we are presenting the most popular ones: cognac, butterscotch, cherry and green.

The staggering variety of colors, variations in translucency and the fact that no two pieces are identical contribute greatly to the appeal of this semiprecious stone. Gemologists and jewelers desire amber for its beauty and rarity. But then again, isn’t that the reason why we all love amber?

We have selected four sets of lovely amber jewelry pieces, each piece in a popular color:

Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver Ring$69.00,Butterscotch Amber and Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet $176.00,Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver Pendant $31.00 and Green Amber and Sterling Silver Earrings $72.00

Which amber color is your favorite: cognac, butterscotch, cherry or green?


Jewelry of The Week: Brazilian Crystals,Colorful Amber and Sterling Silver

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Friday Round-Up!

Last week’s Friday round-up post presented you with a few pieces from our latest collections website so for this week we decide to switch things up a bit and feature only creations from the website.  Here are the jewelry pieces of the week, just as we presented them on our Facebook and Twitter accounts!

* Brazilian Crystals Collection : Brazilian Crystals are known not only for their magnificent beauty but also for their power to bring emotional, physical and mental stability. The combination of amber and crystals results in beautiful jewelry creations and it is also believed to stimulate body’s healing, both physical and mental, and to help release negative energy and attract positive one.

For our exclusive amber and crystal jewelry collection we have used Phantom Crystals and Lemurian Crystals, both brought from Brazil. In combination with amber, these can be very powerful and effective healers.

**Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Pendant

*** Elegant cognac amber and sterling silver bracelet

**** Beautiful cognac-cherry-lemon amber and sterling silver ring. Handmade in Poland.

Which of this week’s featured creations deserves the “Jewelry of the Week” title? Choose your favorite!

Special post: +50 Lovely Amber Jewelry Under $50

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A special post dedicated to amber jewelry lovers! To make your online shopping extra special today we present you with a fabulous selection of more than 50 lovely amber jewelry pieces, all under $50! Do you love amber rings? Or you prefer amber earrings? Looking for a beautiful amber pendant? We have them all! And at fabulous affordable prices so that everyone can happily enjoy the beauty and warmth of a romantic amberbeata creation.

Stylish Amber Earrings. Women love a beautiful pair of earrings. Here’s a selection of wonderful amber earrings set in sterling silver you can wear any time and for any occasion. We’ve got all shapes, colors and sizes: heart shaped, tear drop, studs and with flower motif! View a beautiful slideshow with  Cognac Amber, Cherry Amber  and Green Amber earrings:

Amber earrings prices range from $17 to $49!  All earrings are available on

Beautiful Amber Pendants and Necklaces. We’ve prepared a showcase of lovely amber pendants and amber pendants with sterling silver necklaces ranging from $18 to $49! Just for you we’re showcasing affordable cognac, cherry and green amber pendants: animal shaped, flower motive, tear drop shaped and leaf shaped. Pick your favorite! They’re all under $50!

Fabulous Amber Rings. There’s nothing as beautiful and warm as a lovely amber ring. Go ahead and select one from our showcase: their beauty and magnetism along with incredible price are hard to resist!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy shopping!

*All pieces are available in the amberbeata catalog.