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The “It” Pendant of The Moment:Brazilian Crystal and Amber

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We present you with a truly remarkable piece of jewelry: the Brazilian Crystal and Amber pendant. Beautifully designed, the pendant offers much more than a pretty sight, it is also an amazing healing talisman. The worldwide known healing properties of Amber combine with the  miraculous properties of Brazilian Crystals to offer you the best of both worlds: a sensuous piece of jewelry with outstanding powers.

The combination of amber and crystals results in beautiful jewelry creations and it is also believed to stimulate body’s healing, both physical and mental, and to help release negative energy and attract positive one. For our exclusive amber and crystal jewelry collection we have used Phantom Crystals and Lemurian Crystals, both brought from Brazil.

We present you with a wonderful selection of Brazilian Crystals and Amber pendants:

Do you have a favorite?

For more existing designs and/or custom designs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Wishing you all a wonderful day, filled with love, joy and happiness!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Valentine’s Day Gifts under $50

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The Valentine’s Day countdown has begun! With only 10 days to go until the big day, lovers everywhere are rushing to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. What better way to express your love than with a warm, romantic heart-shaped amber jewelry? And that’s not all, the amber jewelry presented in this post costs less than $50 so you can impress the woman in your life without having to spend a fortune!

Here are our Valentine’s Day gifts suggestions, all under $50:

♥ Heart-shaped Valentine’s Day earrings:

Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Earrings, $46

Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Earrings, $46

Lovely Sterling Silver Necklaces with heart-shaped amber pendants:

Cognac Amber Heart-Shaped Pendant, $38; Cherry Amber Heart-Shaped Pendant, $38; “Two hearts are beating together” Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver Pendant, $39; “Two Hearts” Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver Pendant, $39

Last but definitely not least, a feminine piece, the Cognac Amber Heart-Shaped Pendant with Sterling Silver Flower Embellishments, available at only $38.

We hope you have enjoyed our Valentine’s Day gifts under $50 suggestions!

Happy Valentine’s Day shopping!