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Summer Jewelry Trend: Statement Rings

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Summer is well under way and as we adjust our wardrobes to the new season, we inevitably have to adjust our jewelry boxes.

For the summer of 2011 we suggest adorning yourself with gorgeous statement jewelry. We know that wearing statement jewelry is not for everyone but we’re also sure that every woman loves to treat herself with lavish jewelry pieces and the most affordable and wearable statement jewelry are giant rings.

Adorn your hands with a fabulous statement rings from our amberbeata collections:

In the photos: Cognac-Green Amber and Sterling Silver Ring ($107.00), Cognac-Cherry-Lemon Amber Ring ($64.00), Cognac Amber Heart-Shaped Ring ($68.00), Cherry Amber Ring ($84.00), Green Amber Adjustable Ring($80.00), Cognac Amber Adjustable Ring ($84.00), Butterscotch Amber Ring ($68.00) and Cognac-Green Amber Adjustable Ring ($68.00)


The Perfect Summer Jewelry

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We believe that the perfect summer jewelry is that which shines brighter than the sun, that which perfectly compliments your sun kissed skin, but most of all that which beautifully combines feminine lightness with charm.

For the Summer of 2011, Amber Beata recommends a unique collection that combines nature’s soft touches with amber’s beauty and light. In out vision, the perfect summer jewelry consists of a combination of natural stones such as amber, pearls, lapis lazuli, turquoise and other.

We present you with a set of one-of-a-kind pieces, designed around rare materials, all guaranteed to take your breath away.

Tear Drop Turquoises Necklace & Cognac Amber Beads

Heart-Shaped Multicolor Amber and Pearl Necklace

Bracelet with Turquoise, South Sea Pearls, & Various Shades of Amber in Oxidized Sterling Silver

Dark Cognac Amber, Opal & Moon Stone Earrings Set In Sterling Silver

Two-Tone Amber Earrings Set In Oxidized Sterling Silver

Sandy Amber Centerpiece Ring Set In Hammered Oxidized Sterling Silver

Barrel Shaped Butterscotch Amber Ring Set In Sterling Silver with Touch of Gold

*Price Available on Request

Hope you have enjoyed Amber Beata’s summer jewelry suggestions!

Beautiful Gifts Your Mom Will Love

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Don’t let Mother’s Day take you by surprise and make sure you get your mom the perfect gift. You’re on a budget? No worries! To help you in your search, we have compiled a list of beautiful and affordable Mother’s Day gifts your mom will simply adore! The best part: all can be ordered online, directly from the amberbeata website.

What better way to show your love than with a warm and romantic heart-shaped amber jewelry?

Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Pendant $38.00

How about a fun and feminine piece of jewelry like this Multi Color Amber and Sterling Silver Butterly Necklace at $102.00?

All women love the perfect combination between the warm amber and the sparkly Swarovski crystals. Gift your mom with a beautiful piece of jewelry like the next pair of earrings.

Cognac-Cherry Amber and Swarovski Crystal Tear-Drop Earrings $85.00

We have a feeling the next cocktail ring will be that piece of jewelry you’ll always want to borrow from your mom!

Green Amber and Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring $80.00

Is your mom a bona fide fashionista? In this case, she’ll adore a beautifully designed pair of earrings such as this gorgeous pair of Butterscotch Amber and Sterling Silver Earrings  at $104.00.

Last but not least, a wonderful amber pendant for your lovely mom.

Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver Pendant Decorated with Copper $82.00

There are still tons of breathtaking jewelry gift ideas you can choose from so don’t hesitate to browse the Online Catalog to ensure you’ll find the perfect Mother’s Day Gift!