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Exquisite handcrafted Amber Rose set in Sterling Silver

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Make Mother’s Day or any day extra special this year by offering your loved ones a gift that stands the test of time. And what better way to do that than with our exquisite handcrafted Amber Rose set in Sterling Silver! We love to pay attention to details and it shows. Thanks to the beauty of its 3.5” amber corolla, 4.4” width and 19” length, this unique piece is an exact replica of a real rose.

Th exquisite handcrafted Amber Rose set in Sterling Silvere dramatic elegance of the Amber Rose set in Sterling Silver is highlighted by the various shades of cognac, light lemon and butterscotch colored petals that form the rose’s corolla. Put the rose in a vase and decorate your living room, dinning room, bedroom or office with this incredible piece. You will see how it lights up and beautifies the entire place! Not to mention the compliments you’ll receive from guests for your amazing sense of style.

The Amber Rose is not only an incredible decorative item but also a fantastic gift! Flowers never go out of fashion with women and if they are made out of precious metals and stones, it’s even better! Any mother, wife or girlfriend will love this unique timeless creation.

Regular roses fade in time but our Amber Rose covered in Sterling Silver will last forever. No need to worry about its fragility or the fading of its beauty. We recommend offering this extravagant amber creation with a personalized card and placed in a nice gift box. The effect will be breathtaking and we guarantee she will never forget!


Welcome Home – Chromed Glass Items, Amber and 24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Decorations

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Home Decorations - AmberWe are all admirers of that gorgeous vintage look when it comes to decorative items for home and office and we know you are too. That is why we are presenting you with yet another elegant collection of chromed glass items. Each of these five stunning pieces is meticulously decorated with handcrafted grape vines. The grapes are made out of cognac colored Amber and the leafs are sterling silver coated in 24 k gold. You can buy these lovely ”Welcome Home” glass items together or separately.

The two candle holders will make an exquisite addition to your events table, especially if you are thinking about planning a romantic dinner.  And if you want your evening to be truly amazing, we suggest replacing your usual bottle of red wine with an elegant piece like our chromed glass liquid container. The two beautifully designed glasses are just the right items for you to savor your favorite beverages from.  It has never been easier to make romance come to life!

These charming glass items are also perfect if you want to set a sophisticated dinner table for you to enjoy along with friends and family. The classic candle holders along with the glass liquid container will make a stunning centerpiece. We recommend using white or golden candles for best effect. Remember, the right finishing touches can make any event extra special.

Wait no more and add distinction to your house or give your loved ones a beautiful gift with our stylish “Welcome Home” Glass Items!

Welcome Home – Apple-shaped, Amber and Sterling Silver Decorations

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We present you with our newest collection of glass arts consisting of two elegant pieces, each decorated with sterling silver and amber curved apples in various shades of butterscotch for a perfectly natural look. Let spring enter your home with these unique “Welcome Home” glass items.

You no longer have to redecorate your entire dinning room, living room and even office. All you need is to add eye-catching pieces like these to your already existing collection of decorative items. Original creations like our glass fruit bowl and liquid container are just the items you should invest in this season to beautify and renew your home. Not to mention the touch of class these handcrafted pieces can add to your living space or even workplace.

Welcome Hope Amber DecorationsPractical and beautifully designed, our glass creations work perfectly as centerpieces or simple additions to your table’s setting at any time and at any occasion. The classic detailing along with the simple construction make them an attractive and functional item for your home. So if you are planning a grand welcome, do it in style! Just imagine how your friends and family and even business associates will react at the sight of such remarkable pieces.

Now you no longer have to search for the gift your mom will love! The “Welcome Home” glass items are also the perfect presents to give to your loved ones.

Good taste comes naturally to us so wait no more and bring color, light and craftsmanship into your homes! Happy shopping!

Amber and Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

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Statement Bracelet- Amber and Sterling SilverWe are declaring it: this is “Statement Bracelet” season! And what better way to start off the season than with a remarkable piece like the natural butterscotch Baltic Sea Amber set in sterling silver and gold bracelet. Don’t let its big size intimidate you, statement bracelets are easier to pull of than statement necklaces and even statement earrings.

The unique design of this gorgeous piece of jewelry speaks for itself. As you can see, the swirl details on the bracelet are extremely delicate and beautifully surrounding the round centerpiece – a natural butterscotch colored Baltic Sea Amber.

With this just one piece you can add style and glamour to any outfit. Except ruffled, pleated or gathered sleeves, this bold cuff can be worn with any type of clothes. You can create a great knockout outfit by pairing the statement bracelet with a black blazer with pushed up sleeves, a loose tucked in T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. For a summery look, wear it paired with a flowy white dress – you will look like a Greek Goddess. And since we can’t leave out the little black dress, you can add a touch of color to your classy look with our marvelous creation.

Just because this is an oversized, standout piece of jewelry doesn’t mean you should just pair it with simple outfits. Don’t by shy and wear bold prints for a fashionable modern look. The adjustable cuff is perfect for wearing it on your upper arm too for an eye-catching effect.

The statement bracelet would make a great gift for the ones close to you or for yourself. We guarantee that once you’ll put it on you will love it so much you will never put it down – this truly is a signature piece!

Butterscotch Amber and Australian Opals set in Sterling Silver – Necklace

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This season we dare you to make a statement without saying a word! There is no need to go buying an entire new wardrobe or get a make-over. Just wear our Butterscotch Amber and Australian Opals necklace and you’re in the spotlight.
Butterscotch Amber Bracelet
This attention-grabbing necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry whether you are opting for an evening or a daytime look. The only rule you have to follow is keeping everything else simple! The necklace makes the statement thanks to the three connected squares hanging on a sterling silver chain, each with a differently shaped and colored stone so the rest of the ensemble should be very minimalist. We suggest pairing this unique necklace with a basic outfit like a strapless little black dress or a classic top with a V-shaped neckline.

The unique Butterscotch Amber and Australian Opals necklace will be, without a doubt, the center of attention every time you decide to wear it. This is exactly the jewelry piece you need to create a bold and chic style that will make you stand out. Go ahead and make yourself a wonderful gift, this just might be the trendiest accessory you’ve ever worn!