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Healing Power of Amber and Crystals Part 2: Brazilian Crystals

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Brazilian Crystals are known not only for their magnificent beauty but also for their power to bring emotional, physical and mental stability. The combination of amber and crystals results in beautiful jewelry creations and it is also believed to stimulate body’s healing, both physical and mental, and to help release negative energy and attract positive one.

For our exclusive amber and crystal jewelry collection we have used Phantom Crystals and Lemurian Crystals, both brought from Brazil. In combination with amber, these can be very powerful and effective healers.

The Phantom Crystals symbolize universal awareness and can be recognized as the crystals in which a smaller “ghostlike” crystal can be seen encompassed. Because of this they are also called ghost crystals, specter crystals or shadow crystals. They are usually used for meditation enhancement, connection to a spiritual guide and for the recovery of repressed memories.

Lemurian Crystals also have exceptional qualities and are very powerful. They are used for Chakra clearing and balancing, healing and expressing emotion and if hold when sleeping they ensure a good night rest. The most identifying characteristic of a Lemurian Crystal is the horizontal striations present on the crystal’s faces.

Because each amber piece and each crystal is unique in shape and color, each pendant and pair of earrings from the collection is a one-of-a-kind piece. Each pendant represents the perfect balance of beauty and simplicity. Observe the beautifully colored amber disks set in sterling silver perfectly connected to the crystals. Also, in the collection we have lively colored amber pendants framed in sterling silver with sets on two or four crystals facing away from each other magisterially crowning the design.