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Introducing You To A World Of Beauty: Drusy Jewelry

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With the launch of our latest exquisite jewelry collection, Colour4You, we are proud to present you with the beauty and grace of drusy jewelry.

Magnificent and radiant, just like a multitude of little diamonds scattered on a surface of oxidized silver, don’t let drusy’s delicate appearance fool you. We have created a jewelry collection that is not only full of color and style, but one that will also stand the test of time.

Explore the glamorous and delicate yet durable AmberBeata exclusive drusy jewelry designs:

Purple Drusy on Oxidized Sterling Silver Bracelet

Silver-Blue Drusy on Delicate Oxidized Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Black Drusy Set in Oxidized Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet With Touch of Gold


Aren’t you mesmerized by the unique beauty of drusy jewelry?


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Jewelry That Will Reveal Your Inner Earth Goddess

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Sailing the Baltic Sea with amberbeata we come upon the enigmatic domain of Earth’s Art collection, where the sea spirit appears immersed in glittering amber, mysterious lapis lazuli, shells, ceramic, individually hand-created sterling silver cubes and more.’


Bold Cognac Amber set in Circle Patterned Sterling Silver and Gold Field Bracelet

Butterscotch Amber with Honey Color Crystallizations set in Sterling Silver Ring

Unique Cherry Amber and Peridot Beads

Cognac Amber Earrings Set in Hammered Oxidized Sterling Silver

“Earth Crust” Butterscotch Amber set in Sterling Silver Pendant

Uniquely Arranged Variety of Amber and Other Beads Necklace

Large Rough Cut with Varying Shape Butterscotch Amber Ring

Medium to Dark Cognac Amber with Multiple Inclusions Stretchy Bangle Bracelet

For more one-of-a-kind jewelry that will reveal your inner Earth goddess, you are invited to browse the breathtaking Earth’s Art Collection.

The Perfect Holiday Gift: Unique Butterscotch Amber Jewelry

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The Holiday Season is upon us! This is the time to be cheerful, visit friends and family, give and receive beautiful gifts, but also a time to party and celebrate. We all love Christmas and New Year parties, but for us ladies finding the perfect jewelry to go with our holiday party dress can be daunting. This is a special time of the year when every woman wants to feel and look ravishing.

The lovely Patrycja shares her secret to looking gorgeous for a holiday party: a stylish holiday dress paired with one of a kind amber jewelry: stunning amber and South Sea pearls earrings, statement butterscotch amber set in sterling silver bracelet and one fabulous butterscotch amber cocktail ring. She also offers valuable advice on how to wear statement jewelry:

I’ve been wearing Amberbeata’s jewelry for over seven years and I must say she’s the destination for anyone wanting to wear statement pieces. She has an amazing style and taste and it’s reflected in her designs and collections. Lately I had a gorgeous set of butter scotch bracelet and earrings on with a white winter dress and it was a hit on a holiday party. Everyone was complimenting me and asking where I got it. These are one of a kind pieces and I’m honored to promote her line; I would recommend it for anyone looking for something special. It’s easy to pair it up with the perfect outfit as long as it’s something simple since unique jewelry doesn’t like distractions.”

As Patrycja puts it: looking fabulous and feeling confident is easy. Even though Patrycja paired her amber jewelry set with a chic white holiday party dress, you can wear amber with a variety of colors and fabrics. A little black dress can be beautifully dressed up with bright amber jewelry, while a red number would be perfectly complimented by the captivating amber creations.

Choose your holiday party dress, then lavishly adorn yourself with one-of-a-kind, exquisite jewelry. The sensuous butterscotch amber and the eye-catching design will capture the attention and admiration at every party you attend. Nothing can make a woman feel more special than unique amber jewelry!

Gorgeous Bracelets – A Polish Amber Exhibition Award Winner!

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This summer you don’t need to buy an entire new wardrobe or get a new look – all you need is truly statement-making jewelry that will get you noticed even iGorgeous Butterscotch Bracelet Award Winnern the crowdiest places! And since you will be wearing lots of short sleeved shirts and dresses, there’s nothing better than dressing up your wrists and upper arms with a remarkable, Polish Amber Exhibition award winning statement bracelet.

One of the most gorgeous bracelets we’ve ever laid our eyes on, this amber jewelry piece was created by a great artist, the late Wojtek Wasilewski. Everything is perfect about this creation: form, color and balance. Thanks to his unique technique, the designer created a one-of-a-kind adjustable bracelet with a one-of-a-kind design. The bracelet’s eye-catching amber centerpiece has various shades of butterscotch, while the cuff is entirely made out of sterling silver that was gold plated and oxidized.

This oversized, sterling silver and amber bracelet is ideal to wear as a statement piece. Equally suitable for pairing perfectly with a blazer top for office look or loose summery dresses for a more casual wear, our award winning piece is truly a worthy investment. Dare to standout with the ultimate signature piece – you know you want to!