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The Stunning Combination of Amber and Swarovski Crystals

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We present you the magnificent beauty of the warm amber stone combined with the luxuriant Swarovski crystals.

Featuring a stunning combination of amber and Swarovski crystals, the next set of jewelry pieces are truly remarkable. Without any further ado, we invite you to experience the lavish beauty of our creations:

Cognac-Cherry Amber and Swarovski Crystal Tear-Drop Earrings $85.00, Teardrops Necklace with Cognac-Cherry Amber and Swarovski Crystal $175.00, Cognac-Cherry Amber and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet $112.00

The next statement necklace features a stunning combination of amber, amethyst, moss agate, swarovski crystals and sterling silver handmadeĀ beads. Exclusively made for

Earth Tones Beads Necklace $313.00

An excellent pickĀ for any occasion and season!


The Color of Amber

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Ever wondered how many color variations of amber are there? We are happy to inform you that there are close to 250 color variations of amber!

In our collections we are presenting the most popular ones: cognac, butterscotch, cherry and green.

The staggering variety of colors, variations in translucency and the fact that no two pieces are identical contribute greatly to the appeal of this semiprecious stone. Gemologists and jewelers desire amber for its beauty and rarity. But then again, isn’t that the reason why we all love amber?

We have selected four sets of lovely amber jewelry pieces, each piece in a popular color:

Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver Ring$69.00,Butterscotch Amber and Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet $176.00,Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver Pendant $31.00 and Green Amber and Sterling Silver Earrings $72.00

Which amber color is your favorite: cognac, butterscotch, cherry or green?