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Magical Journey to the Land of Onyx Jewelry

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For those of you with a passion for enchanting jewelry designs and stones that send out a mysterious vibe, we have selected the best of our unique jewelry pieces that match the description: onyx jewelry.

Combined with textures and touches of amber, sterling silver and copper, the breathtaking onyx jewelry that you are about to behold will surely make you want to own at least one piece if not all.

Perfect for a glam night out or for when you’re feeling like you want to adorn yourself with the most exquisite accessories, these designs will take you to a magical journey to a land of femininity, glamour and jewelry excellence!

See-Through Amber With Nature Fragments Attached to Faceted Onyx Cabochon Set in Sterling Silver Earrings

amber fragments onyx stud earringsOnyx Earrings Set in Sterling Silver & Copper

onyx  copper ornaments silver earringsMilky Butterscotch Unique Amber with Onyx Earrings Set in Sterling Silver

cloudy amber square onyx earringsSquare Onyx Stones and Lemon Amber Earrings Set in Sterling Silver

lemon amber onyx sterling silverDo you love onyx jewelry pieces? Own any? Tell us all about your favorite pieces!