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Celebrate the Holidays with AmberBeata Collections Pearls Jewelry

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Jewelry trends come and go but there is one trend that never goes out of style: pearls jewelry!

Accessorize your glamorous party outfits with exquisite AmberBeata Collections pearls and amber jewelry pieces for a perfect holiday look!

Mabe Pearls and Amber set in Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

Aren’t you mesmerized by the exquisite combination of Mabe pearls and amber drops? Imagine yourself wearing this glam jewelry piece at the upcoming Christmas party! Irresistible!

South Sea Pearls and Lemon Amber Earrings Set in Sterling Silver

The epitome of statement earrings, this fabulous pair or South Sea pearls and lemon amber will have you turning heads as soon as you walk through the door!

Adjustable Mabe Pearl Ring Set In Filigree Sterling Silver

A ring that is beyond beautiful; it’s breathtaking! A combination of classic and modern, this pearl ring set in filigree sterling silver will perfectly complement all your outfits, not just your party looks.

Drop Shaped Mabe Pearl Earrings with Spiral Sterling Silver Design

South Sea Pearl Necklace Decorated with Heart Shaped Silver and Gold Detachable Clasp

Jewelry pieces that are both strong and oh-so elegant aren’t easy to find these days, but this remarkable pearl necklace offers both! Luxurious enough to pair it with your glam LBD, but also the perfect piece to elevate a classic daytime look!


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The Colors of Spring: Turquoise, Yellow and Orange

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We invite you to adorn yourself with spring’s brightest and most beautiful colors, turquoise, yellow and orange. These are the season’s top colors and what better way to flaunt them than with a magnificent piece of jewelry!

Through our amazing AmberBeata collections, we have magisterially combined nature’s elements with amber’s femenine lightness and charm. The result:¬† breathtaking, one of a kind jewelry designed around rare materials such as amber, pearls, lapis lazuli, turquoise and other natural stones.

Celebrate the colors of spring in style and elegance!

1. Turquoise

Turquoise Earrings Set in Oxidized Sterling Silver with Touch of Copper

Tear Drop Turquoises Necklace & Cognac Amber Beads

Bracelet with Turquoise, South Sea Pearls, and Various Shades of Amber in Oxidized Sterling Silver

2. Yellow and Orange

Carved Butterscotch Rose in Amber and Aquamarine Beaded Necklace

Golden Butterscotch Round Beaded Necklace

Shades of Yellow, Orange, and White Amber Ring Set in Sterling Silver Hammered Bend

You can view all the above jewelry pieces showcased in all their beauty on the Amber Beata Collections website along with many more feminine and glamorous designs.