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Magical Journey to the Land of Onyx Jewelry

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For those of you with a passion for enchanting jewelry designs and stones that send out a mysterious vibe, we have selected the best of our unique jewelry pieces that match the description: onyx jewelry.

Combined with textures and touches of amber, sterling silver and copper, the breathtaking onyx jewelry that you are about to behold will surely make you want to own at least one piece if not all.

Perfect for a glam night out or for when you’re feeling like you want to adorn yourself with the most exquisite accessories, these designs will take you to a magical journey to a land of femininity, glamour and jewelry excellence!

See-Through Amber With Nature Fragments Attached to Faceted Onyx Cabochon Set in Sterling Silver Earrings

amber fragments onyx stud earringsOnyx Earrings Set in Sterling Silver & Copper

onyx  copper ornaments silver earringsMilky Butterscotch Unique Amber with Onyx Earrings Set in Sterling Silver

cloudy amber square onyx earringsSquare Onyx Stones and Lemon Amber Earrings Set in Sterling Silver

lemon amber onyx sterling silverDo you love onyx jewelry pieces? Own any? Tell us all about your favorite pieces!


Christmas Gifts Guide for The Modern and Sophisticated Woman

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If you find yourself wondering what gifts to present the wonderful woman in your life this holiday season, we have selected a series of pieces that will leave her speechless. From one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, all incredibly luxurious and statement to the most interesting coffee table book, here is a selection of the perfect gifts for the modern and sophisticated woman:

1. See-Through Amber With Nature Fragments Attached to Faceted Onyx Cabochon Set in Sterling Silver Earrings , a pair of earrings with a beauty never seen before!

2. Onyx Earrings Set in Sterling Silver & Copper . Designed to add a touch of mystery and a dramatic accent to her holiday outfits, this is the perfect pair of earrings for the modern woman who loves to stand out.

3. Boulder Opal and Butterscotch Amber Oxidized Sterling Silver Slider. Every woman needs a statement neck piece to adorn herself with this season and this jewelry is absolutely perfect!

4. Baroque Amber Beads in Deep Shade of Antique Butterscotch and Tree Bark. Classic with a modern twist, this necklace will compliment her every outfit making it impossible for her to put it away.

5. Multi-Color Amber Bracelet Set In Sterling Silver. Adorn her wrists with exclusive bracelets to make her feel extra special this holiday season.

6. The SF 411 ($35.00). It’s no secret that coffee table books make great gifts, but The SF 411 is more than just a coffee table book. It’s a way to explore San Francisco visually: shopping places, beauty, SPA, health, baby and kids, specialty food and more. With its elegant black thick covers, beautiful high-quality photography and great info, the books makes a fabulous gift.

7. Large Rough Cut with Varying Shape Butterscotch Amber Ring . This is a magnificent piece. The design, the cut and the color, all makes this ring into one truly statement jewelry piece.

8. Silver-Blue Drusy on Delicate Oxidized Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet. Looking like a surface filled with millions of scattered diamonds, this exquisite cuff bracelet will make a wonderful addition to her jewelry collection.

9. Four Colors in One Oval Shaped Amber Stone Set in Sterling Silver and Gold Adjustable Ring The perfect piece to accessorized a modern and sophisticated evening look.

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Happy Holidays!

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