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Add a Touch of Color to Your Wardrobe: Colorful Stones Jewelry

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With fall officially here we are surrounded by enough dark and gloomy colors so it’s no need for us to fade into the background due to our dull wardrobe choices. Through this post, and our latest lavish jewelry collection COLOR4YOU, we invite all modern and sophisticated women with a passion for exquisite jewelry to enrich their wardrobes with a series of bright and lively creations.

These next jewelry pieces will not only add that much needed touch of color to your outfits but they will beautifully adorn you making you feel truly special.

Turquoise Earrings Set in Oxidized Sterling Silver with Touch of Copper

Amethyst Earrings Set In Gold Plated and Oxidized Sterling Silver

Dark Amber, Silver and Copper Earrings

Green Turquoise on Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with Sparkle of Gold

Purple Drusy on Oxidized Sterling Silver Bracelet

All the above jewelry pieces can be found in our latest collection entitled COLOR4YOU.

Since the collection doesn’t feature any necklaces or pendants at the moment and we think women also need a statement neck piece to accessorize with, here are two pieces that will perfectly adorn your little black dresses this season:

Golden Butterscotch Round Beaded Necklace

Turquoise and Amber set in Hammered Sterling Silver Slider


Fall 2011 Jewerlry Trends For Every Woman

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Just like fashion, jewelry trends change from one season to another so it’s a must that every woman who loves to look good and stay on top of trends takes a look at the following fall 2011 jewelry trends we are about to present.

Without any other addition, here are out favorite jewelry pieces that every woman can wear this season:

Statement Jewelry

This is a trend that continues to impress. Bold statement necklaces, chunky bracelets and statement earrings should not be missing from your jewelry collection this fall.

Why? Because it will not only enhance your look and get you noticed but also perfectly complement your outfits.

AmberBeata recommends: The AmberBeata Collections where you will discover multiple unique statement pieces to wear this season.

Motif Jewelry

Feminine and delicate, flower motif jewelry is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

AmberBeata recommends: The Amber and Silver Jewelry Motif Pieces

Express your wild side with creative animal motif jewelry!

AmberBeata recommends: The Animal Motif Jewelry pieces: Dragonfly, Butterfly and Elephant.

Dangling Jewelry

Move and your jewelry will move with you! Whether you opt for fabulous dangling earrings , charm bracelets or dangling necklaces, these jewelry items are the perfect pieces if you want to stand out this season!

AmberBeata recommends : The Cognac-Cherry Amber and Swarovski Clear Crystal, Tear-Drop Jewelry on Sterling Silver Chain – Catalog page 10

Multiple layers necklaces

Layered necklaces are a glamorous addition to your fall fashion for a multitude of reasons. They are statement making pieces that will beautifully enhance your looks and help you draw all the attention to your fabulous outfit. Whether you opt for a mix of necklaces to achieve a stylish layered look or a beautiful unique layered necklace, you will surely receive tons of compliments and appreciation for your choice.

AmberBeata recommends:

Multi Strand and Multi Color Amber, Amethyst Beads

Tear Drop Turquoises Necklace & Cognac Amber Beads

Unique Cherry Amber and Peridot Beads

Large Cocktail Rings

Statement cocktail rings are the perfect jewelry pieces to complete a glam evening look.

AmberBeata recommends:

Four Colors in One Oval Shaped Amber Stone Set in Sterling Silver and Gold Adjustable Ring

Softly Polished Amber Piece Embraced by Oxidized Hammered Sterling Silver and Gold Stripes Adjustable Ring

Leaf-Shaped Three-Tone Amber Stone Set in Sterling Silver, Adjustable Ring

Large Rough Cut with Varying Shape Butterscotch Amber Ring

What are your favorite Fall 2011 jewelry trends?

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Fall 2011 Jewelry Trends To Love: Dangling Earrings

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Fall is here so every smart and sophisticated woman needs a new wardrobe to get her through the cold season in style. Along with fashionable clothing items, every lady needs several key jewelry pieces to add a touch of glam and glitz to her fall wardrobe.

One of fall 2011 jewelry trends to love and get your hands on are dangling earrings. We adore these styles as they are the perfect jewelry for any occasion, from accessorizing a business look to an elegant evening gown. We have selected a set of splendid  dangling earrings we are sure will win you over.

Silver Decorated Donuts and Butterscotch Amber Wired Earrings from Amber Beata Collections

Round Cognac Amber Cabochons Hanging on Hammered Oxidized Sterling Silver and Gold Icicles Earrings

from Amber Beata Collections

Double Swirl Silver Circles Connected to Oval Shaped Amber Post Earrings from Amber Beata Collections

See-Through Amber With Nature Fragments Attached to Faceted Onyx Cabochon Set in Sterling Silver Earrings from amber Beata Collections

Drop Shaped Mabe Pearl Earrings with Spiral Sterling Silver Design  from Amber Beata Collections

Blister Shells with Hammered Oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings from Amber Beata Collections

Onyx Earrings Set in Sterling Silver & Copper from Amber Beata Collections

Turquoise Earrings Set in Oxidized Sterling Silver with Touch of Copper from Amber Beata Collections

Last, but definitely not least another gorgeous pair of dangling earrings:

Amethyst Earrings Set In Gold Plated and Oxidized Sterling Silver from Amber Beata Collections

Whether you opt for the warmth and lightness of amber, the magic of onyx, the beauty of turquoise, the elegance of pearls or the royal charm of amethyst, these splendid earrings will have your turning heads and receiving tons of compliments every time you put them on.

Use them to accessorize a little black dress, a classic tailored suit or a glamorous red carpet gown.

*All jewelry pieces featured in this post are available at