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Jewelry That We Love: A touch of Copper

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We love unique jewelry designs that leave you speechless thanks to their breathtaking look and amazingly creative design. We also believe that imagination turns impossible things into reality.

By combining our passion for one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with our endless imagination and adding a touch of copper we have created a series of exquisite pieces. A mixture of the elegance of the White Sea Pearls, enticing amber stones and the beautiful turquoise with the roughness of hammered sterling silver, with finishing touches of copper. Will you be able to resist such beauty?

Hammered Oxidized Sterling Silver and Copper Line Design Earrings with White South Sea Pearls

Dark Amber, Silver and Copper Earrings

Turquoise Earrings Set in Oxidized Sterling Silver with Touch of Copper



Best Christmas Gifts under $50!

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Eleven days left until Christmas and you still haven’t found the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Do  not panic, we have the best Christmas gifts you can gift your friends and family this holiday season, all under $50! Bonus: you benefit from 10% DISCOUNT with code FRIEND!

First, we present you with the best Christmas gift for mommies and teething babies, Amber Teething Necklaces at $13.45 a piece! Amber teething necklaces work as a natural analgesic thanks to the natural anti-inflammatory, healing and pain relieving properties of Baltic amber. No need to resort to drugs and medications. Wearing Baltic amber teething necklaces close to the skin will help reduce your baby’s pain and discomfort caused by the teething process. Choose your favorite : Butterscotch, Honey or Multicolor.

Watches make beautiful Christmas gifts. We have a lovely selection of elegant stainless steel Baltic Sea amber watches, at only $49.

Lavishly adorn the woman in your life with romantic amber jewelry: Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver Studs Earrings $17.00, Green Amber and Sterling Silver Earrings $35.00, Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Earrings $46.00, Cognac Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Pendant $38.00, Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver Pendant $43, Green Amber and Sterling Silver Pendant $38.00.

A good book always makes a wonderful gift. If you want to make a thoughtful gift or just increase you book collection, we warmly recommend The Great Book of Amber and The SF 411, both make a fascinating reading and worthy ornaments for the coffee table.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Special post: +50 Lovely Amber Jewelry Under $50

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A special post dedicated to amber jewelry lovers! To make your online shopping extra special today we present you with a fabulous selection of more than 50 lovely amber jewelry pieces, all under $50! Do you love amber rings? Or you prefer amber earrings? Looking for a beautiful amber pendant? We have them all! And at fabulous affordable prices so that everyone can happily enjoy the beauty and warmth of a romantic amberbeata creation.

Stylish Amber Earrings. Women love a beautiful pair of earrings. Here’s a selection of wonderful amber earrings set in sterling silver you can wear any time and for any occasion. We’ve got all shapes, colors and sizes: heart shaped, tear drop, studs and with flower motif! View a beautiful slideshow with  Cognac Amber, Cherry Amber  and Green Amber earrings:

Amber earrings prices range from $17 to $49!  All earrings are available on

Beautiful Amber Pendants and Necklaces. We’ve prepared a showcase of lovely amber pendants and amber pendants with sterling silver necklaces ranging from $18 to $49! Just for you we’re showcasing affordable cognac, cherry and green amber pendants: animal shaped, flower motive, tear drop shaped and leaf shaped. Pick your favorite! They’re all under $50!

Fabulous Amber Rings. There’s nothing as beautiful and warm as a lovely amber ring. Go ahead and select one from our showcase: their beauty and magnetism along with incredible price are hard to resist!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy shopping!

*All pieces are available in the amberbeata catalog.

Cognac-Cherry Amber and Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Set Review

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Receiving beautiful reviews from happy amber jewelry wearers makes us incredibly happy too! That is why we are continuing the series of testimonials started last week with the lovely post on Ania+Joe’s One-of-a-kind Wedding, with a new review for the stylish Cognac-Cherry Amber and Swarovski Clear Crystal, Tear-Drop Bracelet and Earrings on Sterling Silver Chain.

That being said, we’ll leave it to Cristina to present you the jewelry:

“I finally managed to take a couple of pictures wearing your beautiful tear-drop amber jewelry. I’m sorry that the quality of the pictures isn’t better, they were took with an IPhone, but I really hope you can see how happy and proud I am to wear this wonderful amber jewelry.

When I first opened the package and set my eyes on the gorgeous amber bracelet and earrings all I could think was: Wow, they looked stunning in the online pictures but the reality is outstanding! No picture can really capture the brightness of the tear-drop cognac and cherry amber stones, the clearness of the crystals or the shine of the silver chain.

I feel amazing every time I put them on, I just love the design, the bright colors, all the light and warmth they exude. I’ve never worn amber before meeting you so, once again, thank you for introducing me to the beauty and treasures of this incredible gemstone. I really feel like wearing amber brings me luck and lots of joy. My friends and family compliment the earrings and bracelet every time I put them on, they love it just as much as I do!

Knowing how passionate you are about working with amber and creating gorgeous jewelry pieces makes me proud to be one of the lucky owners of an amberbeata creation.

I can’t get enough of wearing your lovely amber jewelry! “

Cristina paired the Cognac-Cherry Amber and Swarovski Clear Crystal, Tear-Drop Bracelet and Earrings on Sterling Silver Chain with a LBD but she tells us that the pieces “add the x factor to any outfit, from a black blazer to a glam evening dress making you feel incredible”.

What would you pair the cognac-cherry amber and Swarovski crystals jewelry set with?